How to run a report

Running reports

To see all of your users’ progress at once, you can run a report. To do this, at the bottom of the "Summary" or "Users" tab, click one of the options under the Report Manager menu: 

Search for the name of your organisation, the name of a specific user or a specific course title to narrow down your search results:

You may want to see specific details of dates that learners have used the platform or courses/ modules e.g. when your learners first started a specific course.

To use the date filter, you will need to select the time period you want the data from e.g. you may want to view this information from 11th May to 11th August only. 

Click the search button once your options are selected to bring up the report. This report will then show at the bottom of the reporting screen:

To save this as a file, select the file type you would like to save the report as, and click the “Export” button.

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