Understanding courses, programs and certifications

As a Learning Management System (LMS) LearnSpace allows you to create and manage courses, programs and certifications that can be assigned to learners. 

These learning packages can contain various instructor-led events and other blended learning content.

Activities are learning activities within courses, such as Seminar events, eLearning modules or other online content.

Courses act as a container for a learning topic. Within a course you may have a single activity, such as a Seminar event or several blended learning activities to complete.

Programs allow you to weave multiple courses together to create a bigger picture. You might have certain required and optional aspects, or restrict access to later courses until a learner has progressed through pre-requisite courses.

Certifications are useful for repeating units of study, where you may require learners to recertify at specific intervals. For example, statutory and mandatory training topics. Certifications are compatible with the LearnSpace compliance reporting dashboard.

You may find you need to use all or some of these features to create your ideal learning architecture. 

Here's an example:

All staff members need to complete a Health and Safety course. It is a blended course including reading the company policy, completing an eLearning module and attending a half-day workshop on site. A staff member must complete all three activities to complete the course. 

The Course includes three learning activities

  • A weblink to the Health & Safety Policy held on the company intranet.
  • An eLearning course uploaded in a SCORM package
  • A F2F workshop created with the seminar activity, allowing staff to register for a suitable event.

Staff members must revise the Health and Safety course every 3 years to remain compliant. In this case, the course is added to the Health and Safety Certification. On renewal, staff members can take a shorter version of the course which includes only the eLearning activity.

The Health and Safety course must be completed by all new starters. It is added to the Induction Program alongside other mandatory and optional induction materials.

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